Missy’s MPDA 2.0

You may recall that my original MPDA was made of baked fimo clay. I was never happy with it – the sculpted bits kept coming unglued from the phone case they were attached to and it looked anything but screen accurate.

One of my cosplay Missy friends has taken the time to model the MPDA in 3D and has it for sale on Shapeways. Size 1 is the size in the show and fits an iPhone 4. I’m not an iPhone user, so I had to also obtain a used iPhone. Anyway, size 1 is 3D printable now but you have to get it in 3 separate items – Faceplate, Lens Faceplate & Bumper/Connectors/Iris Bases.

I’m now almost complete with my MPDA 2.0!

The digital image files represented exactly what I received.

625x465_3887769_12321981_1444020960 625x465_3887762_12321793_1444021906 625x465_3887223_12321938_1444020093

Here are my WIP photos:

I started with a black paint wash. The plastic that was used in the 3D printing absorbed a lot of paint!

I started with a black paint wash. The plastic that was used in the 3D printing absorbed a lot of paint!

Test fitting

Test fitting

Test fitting

Test fitting

Test fitting

Test fitting

With some metallic paint added to the faceplates.

With some metallic paint added to the faceplates.

Almost finished (with flash)

Almost finished (with flash)

Almost finished

Almost finished

Tutorial – Missy’s Hair Up-Do from Season 8

I borrowed one of my daughter’s to do this tutorial for how to do Missy from Doctor Who’s hair. This is specifically for season 8.

Granted, my daughter’s hair and my own are past our waist, but this technique will work for shorter hair too. This will also work on wigs but with wigs, you can use glue or even sew the hair into place.

Start with well-combed, tangle free hair.wpid-img_20150920_173305707.jpg
wpid-img_20150920_173446119.jpgSeparate the hair into 2 sections, a top section and a bottom section. Use clips to keep them separated until you work with them.
With the top section held securely, either braid the bottom section or make it into a small French Twist. I usually do my own as a French Braid and wrap the tail around. Add any product you wish to use to hold up at conventions, photoshoots, or other events.

To make the hair higher, I also use a small rat. I purchased mine from LBCC Historical Apothocary & Cosmetics.

Ooops! I forgot to take a photo of her hair with the bottom section done, but you can see what I did in the photos below.

wpid-img_20150920_173725084.jpgOnce the bottom section is done, take the top section out of its clip. Start taking small sections of hair, starting from the front, and begin making loose pin curls. This is where you’ll want to add product too.

And somewhere in there, you’ll want to add another poof or hair rat for height. Missy took her clothing from the Edwardian era and they loved big hair.


Couldn’t be prouder!

Kayle received an Honorable Mention for her Clara Sherwood costume at the 26 Seasons of Gallifrey Masquerade!


These shots are from a little photoshoot we had with a fantastic 12th Doctor that is also a member of the Order of Gallifrey.

DSC_0152 DSC_0154

Missy Mayhem

Gallifrey One has been fabulous! And our gathering of Missy’s and Master’s has been great! We had a small group of earlier reincarnations of the Master, but we had 7 Missy’s at our 1st ever gathering of Missy’s.

Missy group

Missy debuts

I debuted Missy at Dallas Comic Con’s Fan Days a couple of days ago (Saturday, February 7, 2015). I loved the reaction I got from everyone! So many people knew who I was and only one person asked me if I was Mary Poppins.

Programming the Cyberwoman

Selfie time! Say something nice!

The costume itself had little issues. The bottom snap on the jacket needs a hook & eye fastener on it as well as the snap. It just didn’t want to stay snapped.

And at the end of the day (we left early because I wasn’t feeling that great), this was my look:

Tired Missy

Pillow fit for a little sister

Going to school online has its challenges. One of those is building relationships with other students. I’ve been a member of Sigma Epsilon Kappa sin10919402_1011036645579381_3176104576815949180_oce Sept 2013.

Fall 2014 we were given the opportunity to take part in a big/little program. It’s a bit ironic that my little, Shannon, is further along her educational journey than I am.

This is the pillow that I designed for her.

Here are the details on its construction:

Fabric: Branching Out Calypso upholstery fabric from Hancock Fabrics.
Trim: Purple trim from JoAnn Fabrics
Greek letters: Stahl’s ID Direct
Embroidery floss: DMC Metallics in silver & purple
Pillow form: 18″x18″ pillow form from JoAnn Fabrics

Ready to press letters down
Ready to embroider
Ready to sew together & add trim