Bracelet for The Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere

I finished my bracelet for the Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere from upcoming Doctor Who episodes today.

Dark Silver Bracelet

For the base of the bracelet, I purchased and inexpensive Tibetan Silver bracelet off eBay for 99¢. I had already placed an order for some kato polyclay from Fire Mountain Gems (as well as the glaze to finish it).

Since the silver clay was, well, silver, I mixed and blended black clay into it. 


Then I worked the clay into the bracelet, smoothed it out, took 3 small balls of clay, flattened them and added them to the bracelet.


I’ll know once it’s cooled if it was a success. If it was, then I’ll apply the glaze.

Vintage Printed Pattern 4637

This is what I am planning on wearing for the Breakfast at Tiffany’s brunch at CLW2014 later this month.

Printed Patter 4637

Printed Pattern 4637 was designed by Anne Adams and was sold in newspapers in August 1969.

Printed Pattern 4637 dated 19690809

The pattern has gone together beautifully so far. I still need to put the sleeves in; the side zipper; the collar; and the facing. Oh, and a blingy button!

Front & sides together

And the fit is perfect!

The fabric is silk that I purchased from the upholstery section of Hancock’s several years ago.

Kouyama Mitsuki

My eldest decided 2 weeks before our major convention that she wanted to add Kouyama Mitsuki from Full Moon o Sagashite to her list of costumes. Very short notice, but I think we’ll make it.

The patterns used were Burda 7348 (OOP) for the top and McCall’s M6570 for the skirt.

Modifications to the top:
– lengthened collar
– zipper instead of buttons
– faux fur added to the sleeves and base of top

Modifications to the skirt:
– left off lower band of skirt
– faux fur added to waistband
– changes to waistband (no bow)

Kouyama Mitsuki

Photos in order of progress:

Kouyama Mitsuki

Kouyama Mitsuki

Kouyama Mitsuki


Kouyama Mitsuki

A completed photo will be posted after A-Kon 25 this weekend.


A-Kon 24 was my grandson, Trystan’s, first convention. He was 2 months old and made a very adorable Moogle. A Moogle is a creature from Final Fantasy. Lulu, from Final Fantasy X, uses a Moogle as a weapon. My oldest daughter cosplays Lulu and wanted her little boy to be able to participate with her.

Last year, his costume was simple – a Onesie that we added purple, felt wings to and a t-shirt that we converted to a hat and added a red pom-pom to.


He’s now almost 14 months old and this will be his 3rd convention. (He also went with me to All-Con.) We used Simplicity 1767. The wings will be made from a poly satin and the pom-pom has been replaced with a red, sequined styrofoam ball.



More pics to follow once the costume has been completed.

A brand new Doctor

At least it seems that way. I finally got around to using the reproduction waistcoat fabric and re-created Kayle’s waistcoat for her 8th Doctor. And it made such a huge difference!

Kayle as the 8th Doctor. Photo taken at Gallifrey One 2014.

Kayle as the 8th Doctor. Photo taken at Gallifrey One 2014.

Here’s the breakdown on her current Eighth Doctor Cosplay:


  • human hair wig from a local ethnic wig shop

Body -

  • Mens white shirt purchased from a local resale shop, collar was removed and a vintage collar was used instead. Collar was purchased local antique show.
  • Cravat (no pattern used), silk dupioni (purchased from JoAnn Fabrics)
  • Vest (New Look 6166, mens view B but modified for authenticity, including adding real welted pockets), reproduction fabric from movie, sourced from Bob Mitsch (DW LJ and FB Stitches in Time group), contrasting color purchased from JoAnn Fabrics.
  • Jacket (Simplicity 2895, I think). Velvet purchased at the Dallas Fabric district.
  • Pants were located at local resale shop
  • Boots, DSW Shoes

Props -

  • TARDIS MK VII key, from Moocrest Models
  • Sonic Screwdriver, from Frobidden Planet UK
  • Pocket watch, from Walmart (until I can locate a better one)